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[edit] Current Features

  • coolant temperature display
  • configurable coolant overheat warning
  • instantaneous speed display
  • injector duty cycle display
  • configurable check control module errors (disable low beam failure!!)
  • fuel level display in liters and gallons
  • code function persists across ignition cycles and power loss
  • 0-60mph / 0-100kmh timer
  • battery voltage display
  • 3 axis g-force display
  • all settings including time and date survive power loss
  • customizable startup display

[edit] Planned Features

  • OBD2 data display (throttle %, RPM, ...)
  • datalogging to SD card and USB flash drive (csv file)
  • error checking and clearing for all control modules (check engine codes, SRS light, ...)
  • listen for custom display text over K bus
  • analog gauge inputs for any variable resistance sending unit (oil pressure, temperature, ...)
  • language and number format localisation
  • send/receive display text over Kbus and Ibus (Ibus not supported on r2 hardware; addon board to be designed)

[edit] Requested Features (undecided)

  • Indirect tire pressure monitoring system (wheel speed sensors of ABS)

[edit] Requested Features (rejected)