Using the openOBC

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[edit] Providing power

There are three ways to power the openOBC: through the vehicle connectors as usual, the 3mm DC barrel jack connector with a +12VDC power adapter, or the PCB headers in the top right corner with a lab supply. All 3 power inputs are protected against reverse polarity and can take between 6V and 18V.

[edit] Setting the time and date

Perhaps the first thing you'll want to do once you have your openOBC is set the time and date. To do this, hold either the Clock or Date buttons and push the Set button. Use the number buttons to make adjustments, then push Set again when finished.

[edit] Making configuration changes

All configuration is stored in a file named openobc.cfg in the root directory of the SD card. If this file does not exist, it will be created automatically with default values. The configuration file can be edited with a text editor. See openOBC configuration for more information about the available settings.